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Lennox and Diana concluded that he was referring to Zola's kidnapped son, and so they convinced Milan to search through the ether until he located the boy in the arms of Demeter.

  • The judge walked in and the day went on in a blur.

  • He lead them to , where the blacksmith agreed to arm them.

  • Diana was still angry at Hermes for his betrayal and asked him to leave, with Hermes stating that, just like she forgave Hera, perhaps in the future, she would forgive him.

Diana Muldaur

Amazons Attacked After Darkseid and Grail's retreat, they returned to a base in the , where Darkseid was setting his mysterious plans into motion.

  • Zatanna then told Diana what she was doing before joining the fight: she was with Swamp Thing, trying to talk to the Tree of Wonder, when the Tree itself, in the form of her father, showed her a prophecy that completely changed her mind about what she offered to her earlier.

  • Veronica found her daughter beside Ares.

  • Before the wedding ceremony took place, Hades insisted that Diana should prove her love by wearing his ring.

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