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After the battle, Kaine evades the other heroes during the aftermath of the battle using the suit, but is able to 'see' him regardless, and talks to him about his future.

  • He has the following powers, in addition to the ones he had previously.

  • As they explore, Amelia's memories begin coming back, and she claims that they were in the location they saw Vaggie.

  • The and symbiotes were replicated and used to create an army which could allow Radu to control the Microverse.

Marvel Comics is setting up 2022 as another year of mash

In the airport, he is stung by what he believes to be a mosquito, and awakens the next day to find the cellular degeneration that was killing him has returned.

  • Serves as his Scarlet Spider costume.

  • Since he lacks the Spider-Sense which makes it possible for Peter to track them, Kaine uses them in conjunction with an electronic listening device.

  • In any case, this scheme worked, and Spider-Man was able to clear himself of the murder accusations.